Your virtual office

Markets are booming, your business expanding, it is your challenge to gear up fast and focus on your priorities to maintain momentum. The ability to fulfil all tasks in a timely fashion and the ability to easily shift from one task to another, is key.

The solution: an XtraCap Virtual Private Assistant (VPA), Flexible, ‘turn-key’ online when required.


VPA: on demand assistance

We unburden, always, everywhere, representing you and interacting in a professional manner at all levels. The XtraCap VPA is a driven, professional, able to communicate at all levels throughout the organization.

About XtraCap

Experienced professionals

The main tasks of a VPA include the daily work load of an in-office assistant. The only difference is that your VPA works from her own office.

But still: one call away.

How does it work

Cost Efficiency

Delegating your support tasks to an XtraCap VPA is efficient and cost effective. Excess capacity, coffee and lunchbreaks are not on your payroll. We only declare actual time spent on the job.


Get the job done efficiently: XtraCap

On-call assistance with XtraCap.
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